Monies both small and large have been collected during the year 2015 at our coffee mornings, lunches and events. We also had a special charity event to raise funds; the very enjoyable Bollywood evening. Our members have shown great generosity all year. Members and friends have attended IWAKL events or given us sponsorship or donations and as a result IWAKL has been able to pass on much needed contributions to several charities.

Two animal charities were selected in 2015 as recipients for donations. Our pets offer us unconditional love and loyalty and we humans benefit physically and emotionally from what they give. Unfortunately some animals are subject to cruel treatment and suffer miserably and these two animal charities work to redress that. An allocation was made from some of the money raised at the Bollywood charity evening.

We raised just over RM 28,000 for charity in 2015 . This included Rm 22,000 raised by our Bollywood charity evening. Just over RM 27,000 of money raised in 2015 has already been donated.

IWAKL is grateful to all its members friends and sponsors for their generosity and support


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